Friday, March 25, 2011

Movie Night!

I'm posting this on my phone since my computer is our only "tv". Brody and Hazel were begging to have a movie night. Since they are only allowed 30 minutes of screen time (tv, computer, video games, etc) per day- then they are using their time for the whole weekend to watch a movie tonight with Mama. For some reason I started telling them about Newsies and they were so interested and begged me to watch it with them. I LOVE this movie and am so glad the kids are liking it. I literally don't think that one thing has happened in the movie without asking a question about it. Examples: Why don't they have moms and dads? Why do they sell papers? Why did he jump on that? Why are they dancing and singing at the same time? It Is so cute and he totally did NOT get it from me ;)

I have almost fallen asleep 25 times and Hazel is asleep now. Bro is still up asking 1000 questions. I figured I should at least post something in case I fall asleep!

I will for sure post updates this weekend as I am taking it easy and just playing with the kids and having fun! (okay and cleaning up and laundry and cooking) but just taking it a tiny bit easier than usual :)



  1. fun! i want to watch Newsies. I want to sing all of the songs with you. Can't wait to see you guys. Probably mid-July. love you.

  2. Please try to take it easy. You really do deserve a break of some kind.

    Remember when we had crushes on Patch and Mush! I still can't handle the cowboy song in the alley, but other than that I love it!