Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updates! Updates! Updates!

I AM SO BEHIND!  To name a few:  I am behind on my blog posts and updates.  I am behind on getting my house organized.  I am behind on getting my taxes filed.  I am behind on paying my bills (okay they are not late, but they need to be done).  I am behind on scheduling lab tests.  I am behind on withdrawing Brody from school, I am behind on cooking food for the kids.  I am behind on SLEEP!  

I am always overly busy and pretty much always stressed.  However, I handle stress quite well so life just goes on.  But, sometimes (okay - a lot of the time) It doesn't matter how much I work, how long I stay up, or what I do, I am totally drowning.  Even with the help of my husband, my family, and Paige - I just can't stay caught up.

My mom always taught me to pick ONE thing, finish it,  and then move on.  Even though I have NEVER been able to do that (and neither has she really - Love you mom! :)  I am going to try.   I just seem to do better jumping around from project to project - my brain just works that way.  I think I may be enrolling myself in Brain Balance :)

So - since tonight I have tried and failed at most of my list, I am starting with ONE thing like mommy taught me and I am going to post all of the kid updates I can remember from the last week.  I usually write things down when they happen so I hope I have them all written down or in my brain.  Here goes!

  • Overall has been more calm
  • Overall has been listening better
  • Did throw a GIANT fit tonight- maybe worst ever.  I asked him if he wanted to go on a cart ride and he said NO and was very adamant about it.  So then when I left with Wyatt Paige called me and said that Brody (and Hazel) through the biggest fit ever.  Freaking out, screaming, throwing things and even hitting his head on the wall?  Way Weird.  I am really hoping that  this is part of the "going back to the terrible twos" that is to be expected because that means that the brain is changing. 
  • When he was washing his body in the shower the other day, he leaned over (with his eyes closed) and hit his eye on the soap dish that sticks out of the wall. It was pretty bad and split his eye a little bit.  Poor guy.
  • A few days back, he said he missed home.  I asked him what he missed the most and he said - in this order "Papa, Mimi, my house, my toys".  It was really cute.  He talks about his toys all the time and I wondered if that would be the first thing on the list....
  • He slept with me the other night when Paige was gone and I fell asleep before he did.  He kept talking to me and then he would wake me up and say "mama, you aren't listening" I would say sorry and have him tell me what he said.  I can't remember most of it, but this was the one that stuck out.  "I feel different - I have never felt like this before."  I am not sure what it meant, but he was very sincere and it was cute. Hopefully he is starting to feel more connected. 
  • He was acting a bit strange the other day and I asked him how he was feeling and he said "stressed out". 
  • Has been worried that he is going to have bad dreams and said it was because he had watched too much TV.  (30 minutes :)
  • Asked Paige "what would you rather be doing right now other than my medicine?"  Paige said  she didn't know.  Brody said "I would rather you be having kids so that we can have friends to play with."  
  • A girl that goes to Brain Balance has a little baby sister.  Brody and Hazel think she is so cute.  The other day we were getting ready to go to the jumpy place with them and I told him that the baby would be there too.  Brody said "oh she is so cute and her eyes are as bright as blueberries - they are beautiful!" 
  • Hazel jumped on Paige the other day and Brody said "Don't hurt Paige, she is fragile!  She is an inflatable woman."  Really have no idea where that one came from. 
  • Today Paige asked Brody to clean up all the toys in the house and his room.  The old Brody would have whined, complained, begged for someone to help him and gotten so off task that it would have taken all day - or never even gotten done.  But not today!  Paige said he kept cleaning everything with little or no direction.  He organized all the toys, cleaned the closet, got all the toys from around the house, made his and Hazel's beds, helped Paige do other random chores and more! What a good boy!  This is definitely something new that has never happened before.
  • If you saw my post last night you saw that he lost his front tooth!  The tooth fairy brought him $2 and he is saving for a star wars battle pack.
  • Has been good at playing with Wyatt and tickling him, etc.  
  • Is such a good boy to do all of the exercises and random other Brain Balance things he is required to do.  
  • The other day at the park he fell and scratched his leg.  He usually barely notices that kind of stuff because of his extremely high pain tolerance.  (which has slowly gotten better of the years)  But he seemed way more bothered by it than usual. He kept looking at it and touching it.  It seems weird that I am happy that my son feels pain - but it is a GOOD thing!  He has done this when he has bonked his head or other random things around the house as well.  
  • I know I already mentioned this but WYATT IS ESSENTIALLY TOTALLY POTTY TRAINED!  And I haven't done anything (besides send him to Brain Balance!)  Really - since last Friday I have not really taken him potty at all.  He just goes by himself.  
  • The other day Wyatt was looking for his trains- naming them one by one.  He really wanted Edward.  He looked around and then said "Home".  It was really cute.  I could tell he was missing home and wanted to go find his toys, etc. 
  • The other day when I ran to the store with him he looked at me and said "Papa".  He misses his Papa!  He doesn't do great with phones or computer chats, but when Papa gets here to swing him and play with him and tickle him he is going to be in heaven!!!
  • Paige Brought back some little people with her because they are supposed to be good toys for imaginary play.  He has LOVED having them here but mostly just lines them up in a row :( However, today it was SO cute because he lined them all up and was playing simon says with them!  Obviously they didn't respond :) but it was cute to see him saying "Simon says tummy" and then watching them as if they were touching their tummies.  :)  Cute little Wy. 
  • Sometimes he just lays there and lets us do the exercises, but sometimes he is NOT happy.  He was fighting Paige and got mad and he tried to pinch her and bite her and was kicking and screaming.  She calmed him down and then he was fine...
  • If I leave the house, he asks for me over and over.  I love it!
  • Wants to have us swing him non stop.  He lays on the ground and puts his feet in the air and says "swing".  
  • Yesterday he was playing with my arm and touching it for some reason?  He was scratching at any little bumps and just seemed like he was just discovering new things he hadn't seen before. 
  • He has been discovering things about his own body like I have never seen him do. He was pulling on his eyelids, he looks at himself in the mirror, looks in his mouth, etc and and was playing with his chest too - almost like he had never seen or felt any of those things before. 
  • At home when I put Wyatt to bed he always gets back up and turns on his light.  He usually sleeps with it on and I don't know why.  He never seems afraid of the dark really, just seems to like the light on.  The rooms here do not have lights in the ceiling - you just have to plug in lamps.  I won't put a lamp in there for safety reason so the only light in the room is in his closet.  For the first week or so he would just turn on his closet light and then get in his bed and go to sleep.  But then a few days ago when I went to check on him I found him like this:

  • At home I used to find him asleep on the floor or in the bathroom part on the tile.  But this is the first time where I have seen him take his blanket and pillow and make a little bed.  He likes to sleep in his closet now because he is right under the light.  
  • I felt bad with him sleeping on the floor, but he would move in there every night.  So when a lady in the ward asked if we needed a crib mattress I had an idea!  It was just the right size to put in his closet so that he could sleep on a little bed instead of the floor. 
  • It is 2:30 am and he is awake right now. I hope I get to go to bed tonight.
  • He loves it!

  • Still a bit whiny, but probably better overall. 
  • We are cutting her off of sugar and treats completely and slowly getting her on the SCD diet with her brothers.  She is not going to be an easy case. 
  • The other morning right when she woke up she came in my room and found a pack of licorice I had.  She asked if she could have one.  I said not until after breakfast.  She said "ok" and walked off happy.  It was very strange as she would usually be crying and throwing a huge fit.  I was proud of her.  I know she doesn't like licorice so It was for the better anyways.  A few minutes later I found a tissue on the floor with a spit out piece of licorice.  Bad Hazel!
  • A few minutes later I heard some noise coming from the kitchen and cabinets being opened and closed.  I peeked out and saw Hazel looking in all the cabinets and then she asked "Brody -  where did mama hide the cookies?"
  • The other day she wanted a treat and I said she couldn't have any more treats or sugar at all.  She begged and I told her she could have one of the cookies we were making that is on their diet.  A few minutes later I see her with something in her mouth.  She is eating a Mento.  She was covering her mouth like she was being sneaky.  Not sneaky at all Haze!  I made her spit it out and I put her in her room.  I talked to her about listening to mama and not doing things if I tell her not to.  That's not going to stick is it?  
  • Hazel was trying to eat treats again the other morning.  I hid everything and she asked where it was.  I told her the treat fairy took all the treats.  Paige said "I wish I was the treat fairy so I could get all the treats"  Hazel said "Well, you would need to have wings."  
  • It looks like mama needs to get rid of the treats in order to get Hazel off of them.  I just like to have a few around to keep me awake at night while I am writing my blog and getting work done...
  • I overheard Hazel and Brody talking a couple days ago.  Hazel said "Well then I am not going to marry you Brody!"  Brody said (laughing) "I can't marry you Hazel!"  Hazel folder her arms and said "Well SOMEBODY has to marry me".  I was so cute.  It was like she was saying "it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it".  I just love her little personality and I hope there is even a guy out there that is good enough and lucky enough to have her :)
  • Hazel wanted to play in Wyatt's room.  I asked her why and she said "Because it is Sooo Beautiful!" 
  • Joined in on Brody's giant fit today.  :(
  • For Breakfast today I asked Hazel if she wanted scrambled Eggs.  She said no.  I asked again.  She said no.  I really wanted her to eat them so I asked again and she said no.  I made scrambled eggs for me and Paige.  When I was dishing up she ran over and said "I want scrambled eggs!"  I told her that I had asked her and that she said no.  She had no response.  She ate two big helpings of scrambled eggs. 
  • Then - tonight I was making chicken nuggets for Wyatt.  I said "Hazel, do you want some chicken nuggets?" and she said "No".  I again asked three times and she said No every time. I then reminded her about the egg incident this morning and she still assured me that she was not interested in any chicken nuggets.  I made them for Wyatt and put them on a plate and gave them to him.  Hazel - within seconds - "I want some chicken nuggets!"  Seriously Hazel??!! You are crazy!  Wyatt didn't end up wanting them and so Hazel ate them all.  
Okay well now that it is almost 3:00 am  I am going to bed so I get at least 3 hours of sleep (I hope).  I didn't follow what my mommy taught me and I still did a few other projects while I was trying to blog and it sure made it take longer than I thought it would.  Hey!  At least I finished! 

Night Night


    1. I can't believe that your brain can remember so many things! But I am so glad, I love reading about your darling kids. Wyatt's bed is so cute! I think Hazel get's her treat addiction from her mommy and her mommy's mommy! I don't know if hiding them will be good enough. She can probably sniff them out! I guess it will be good to have Paige around when you visit the pool! Silly Brody - Tell them that we miss them and can't wait to see them again. Tell them that they can have a party at my house! I especially miss you, even though we can talk with all of the technology, you still feel so far away! Take care of yourself, we are all praying for you!

    2. I just don't know how you function on so little sleep. I worry if I get less than 7.

    3. Mindy...I see you commented at 3:29am. Were you waiting up for her post??? You Dayton girls are crazy.

    4. That was a very interesting post. How do you remember everything? Amazing! Enjoy this weekend with your entire family. Can't wait to hear how the kids react when they see Bo. Hang in there. We are all praying for you. Love, Dad