Friday, March 25, 2011


        Look how much Fun Wyatt had today! And no ladies -                    that is not mud......

Okay, so if you can believe I am exhausted again.  However - I have made a goal to not miss one day of posting so here I am!  I will just do as much as I can each night and then have to continue the next day.  Hopefully this weekend I can catch up on a lot of things that I have been wanting to post - but that may be doubtful since PAIGE IS GONE!  She is on the airplane right now and gets to see her hubby!  Their 4 year anniversary was yesterday - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PAIGE & DRAYTON! Anyways, so I am only freaking out just a little tiny bit that I will not be able to survive!  Rephrase:  I know I can totally survive 4 days without any help, but there is NO way that I can accomplish all that needs to be done, do all the cooking, BB exercises, sensory motor activities, playing with the kids, cooking, shopping, cleaning, medicine, poop clean up (see photo above...)  So that means a lot of those things will just have to go undone and that just drives me crazy.  Let me tell you a story:

I have been whining for a week about Paige leaving.  Not because I didn't want her to go spend time with her husband and family, but just because even with both of us here working 18 hour days, we are still drowning.  There is so much to do!  So the thought of taking on all of that alone was very overwhelming - even though I consider myself one that can take on quite a bit.

So, as I was driving Brody to Brain Balance yesterday, I was on the phone with a friend describing to her how I was not sure I could handle this on my own.  Brody tapped me and said "Remember Mama, Heavenly Father won't give you anything you can't handle."  It was the cutest thing!  I immediately asked him where he learned that and he said "from you."  He was so right.  I was not going to be "alone" and I could handle it as long as I had faith and asked for help.  How sweet it was to be reminded of this by my darling 7 year old boy.  And he was right.  I had taught him that and I know it to be true, but how easy it is to forget sometimes.  I immediately felt at peace and knew right away that I would be fine this weekend "alone".  When I talked to my loving husband he also helped me realize that I was just going to have to let go and not do everything under the sun like I wanted to.  I would have to just do the most important things and the rest would just have to wait.  (Not something I am good at but I am trying)

So - here I am, all alone but excited for the weekend!  I was instructed on different types of activities and crafts that would be good to stimulate the right side of the brain so we are set up to do some of them this weekend.  We also have to go to BB twice tomorrow and Monday and hopefully get all the exercises done, cooking done, etc.

So let me finish the Brody and Hazel Updates from the last couple days and then we will see if I am awake to add anything else :)

  • Doing Great at his exercises
  • Playing well with Hazel (most of the time) and molding her into a storm trooper, droid, light-saber using, battle fighting little girl.  (See Photo below...)
  • Today:  "Paige - I know you are trying to hide the Sunbutter from me"
  • He noticed that Paige has a small hole in her tongue today.  He was very stressed out about it and wanted to take her to the doctor.   During his prayer tonight he said "Bless that we can find out about the hole in Paige's tongue."  Silly Bro!
  • Has been SO excited to go to jump 2 it all week and then after 15-20 minutes he said he was "bored" and kept trying to play the arcade games.  Again -Stronger left brain trying to take over right brain.  
  • If he notices Wyatt doing anything he shouldn't he tells me "We shouldn't let Wy Wy do that same puzzle over and over because it is working the left side of the brain"
  • He told me he would be interested in maybe going to "regular" school, which a few weeks ago was NOT an option. 
  • When driving home from BB yesterday, I decided to test him to see if he knew how to get home.  This is not an easy task as the way home consists of miles of winding paths through the middle of the forest.  There are no landmarks, only bridges, trees, squirrels, birds, lakes and ponds.  It is beautiful, yet VERY confusing.  People that live here still have to leave marks or paint an X on a tree so they can find their way back.  We have been traveling the same path to BB for a week.  At each point that I came to where you could choose to go straight, left or right, I asked Brody which way to go.  He knew almost EVERY single one.  He only missed a couple out of the 20 or so?  It was crazy.  I could NOT believe (even though I could) that this 7 year old who seems to not be paying attention knows the exact route to get to and from BB.  I wish we could say the same about Paige.  Poor Paige is not that great with directions and tries to get me to go the wrong way multiple times because she is just sure that she knows what direction to go.  :) Sorry Paige - It is just too funny that Bro can do it (he calls himself the navigator) and you just still need a little more practice :) 
  • He says so many cute, funny things a day that I just need a video camera on him 24/7!
  • Remember how I told you that she wants to be just like her brothers -  Even down to peeing in a cup?  Well she took it a step further and tried to get the woman at the lab to draw her blood!  She put her arm right  out (even after watching both of her brothers cry and squirm and scream) and wanted her turn.  It took some convincing, but in the end I talked her out of it.  I gave into the pee test, but the blood would just be going too far :)
  • Brody and Wyatt are supposed to wear a sock on only one foot so that they receive more sensory input for the weaker hemisphere.  They are also supposed to wear an earplug in one ear so that all the sound is processed through one side helping to stimulate the weak side.  So- guess who has been walking around with one sock on and an earplug in?  Bo.  Just kidding - it was Hazel.   I Just liked that mental picture :)
  • She has been less whiny the last few days - not sure why, but I am not complaining!
  • LOVED going to the bouncy place and jumping and sliding and riding the little merry go round.  As soon as we walked in - she took her shoes of and yelled "The is awesome!"
  • Spent the afternoon filling up the sink with water and putting her mermaid and other toys in it.  She had a blast.
  • At the Target checkout line tonight she asked the cashier "what is your name?" (Both her and Brody aren't afraid to talk to anyone and ask them a million questions.  I have absolutely NO idea where they would get that from) The woman said "Peggy".  Brody said "you helped us the other day - don't you remember us?"  She did not, but after their conversation tonight I think she will!
  • Still likes doing the exercises with the boys :)
  • Was a GREAT helper today and really wanted a rag so she could help me scrub poop out of the carpet.  What a good girl!
Well - Since it is 1:39 and the kids will be up by 6, I guess I will have to write the million other things I have in my brain tomorrow, and the next day and the next day....  

 They were So exited about their paper masks!  Notice Wyatt standing on the table behind Brody.  Still happens around here, but not as much as it used to! 

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