Saturday, July 23, 2011

We Are Going Green!

*Note:  Life is SO crazy and I will continue to post on this blog, but if you don't see one for a day or two, don't give up on me! :)

We have already taken a lot of steps to "Go Green" over the years, but here are a few recent ones just to make the blog fun :)

We have replaced these.....

Plastic (even BPA free) has other toxins that can leach into your food...
 With these....

Glass containers - Costco has great sets for a great price!
 And these.......

Not only are these not biodegradable, they also are still made of plastic!

With these.....

A good friend of mine is making these washable, reusable snack bags!  They have a Velcro closure and a great liner that is not made from plastic!  I will Put more information up later of how to order from her.  Her prices are great and way less than Etsy and other sites.  Also, some bags out there still use plastic liners... Email me or make a comment if you would like some info on how to contact her to make an order!
We also replaced this....

Our backyard has been dirt for almost 3 years!   My amazing husband was trying to surprise us with having at least part of the backyard landscaped when we got home.  We came home early and ruined his surprise :)

With this!

Our beautiful green grass!! Now the kids have somewhere to run and play complete with a bike path around it!  Thanks Papa!  Now only if it wasn't 110 degrees outside... :)

We also replaced this....  (not Wyatt!! - the cast!)

 With this new GREEN one..... :(

Yes, that is correct.  Wyatt got a new cast.  That was actually what I had really hoped to avoid and didn't think would happen.   So why did it?  Well let me tell you.  Wyatt had worn a hole in the bottom of his cast from dragging it around the first 2 weeks, but we had taped that up and it had been fine.  But then he overflowed the toilet during his new fun game of "unroll the entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet and try to flush it".   Most of the time I had caught it before it actually overflowed, but this time I found him standing in a pool of water...  After that the cast smelled worse and you could tell the structure was compromised so I had to take him in.  

I was hoping and really thought they would just tell me that it had been 4 1/2 weeks and that they could just take it off now and be done, but that was not so.  They said that either way it had to come off because of the water so they brought in their big saw and started cutting.  Wyatt actually did really well considering... They said that removing a cast is traumatic for ANY child because of the loud saw, the pressure it puts on your leg and the fact that you are watching a saw and hoping it doesn't cut you!  Wyatt was very scared and was crying pretty bad.  Paige and I both had to hold him so he wouldn't move so we don't really have any video of the sawing part, but here are a few videos of him getting the cast off.  Still so sad!



Trying to split open the VERY thick and hard cast.  The Dr. said it was HUGE when he saw it. 

The first moments without his cast on...

You can kind of see how red his leg is.  There were also a few little bleeding sores and so much dead skin.  We washed it as good as we could in the sink but it was still not looking great.  It was very interesting because he only had his cast off for a total of about 10 minutes, but he didn't even try to stand up, move, run around or anything.  When I picked him up to take him in for his X-ray, he grabbed onto his leg the way he used to before he got his cast as if to support it.  It seemed as though he still thought that it was broken or going to hurt him? 

Here is a picture of the X-ray.  As you can see, there is still a break in the bone... He said that it was healing up, but hadn't all the way.  He said that if I could ensure that Wyatt wouldn't run or jump, we could leave the cast off and just be careful.  Ha!  Obviously, the cast went back on!  He said that just jumping could re-break the leg and we were NOT going to risk that!

I tried to explain to Wyatt that we had to put his cast back on.  I know he understood me.  He started getting teary and his lip quivered a bit.  He was sad and scared.  When the doctor asked him if he wanted red or green, Wyatt said "car".  That was his way of saying, "I want neither, can we please leave now?!"

He was a very good boy as they put his cast back on.  He whined and whimpered, but sat still so they could do it.  The doctor said he could go ahead and walk on it now (which he was already doing!) but they put the cast on kind of strange and the poor guy is stuck in a "tip toe" position!  He is trying to walk all over like that and it is hard for him and looks so uncomfortable!  If taking the cast off wasn't so traumatic, I would go get a new one put on him.  But since he only has to wear this one for 2 weeks (we hope!) then we will just have to live with it the way it is.

Poor Little boy!
This little boy has been through just about everything in his life.  It seems like if something is going to happen, it happens to him.   However, he has always been so brave and does very well even considering his circumstances.  I truly wish I knew what was going on in his head during all of these trials he has had. 

He always has such a good attitude though.  We got home with his new cast and he adjusted to it quickly learning how to walk and run even with the strange shape of the cast.  He has also been playing games with everyone!  He initiates play with Hazel to tickle him, and with Brody to build pillow forts and then they destroy them.  He also comes running in the room and says "Mama - Potty!" and runs to the bathroom.  I follow him as he laughs all the way.  He sits on the potty and says "bye bye" and so I leave.  Then he comes and gets me again and wants me to chase him back there and he laughs so hard.  It is so cute to see him initiating play with all of us and calling us by name.  He is communicating SO well and telling us what he wants and it is amazing.  He is continually improving and  I know this is just the beginning.  This sweet little boy will someday be whatever he wants to be - something amazing - I am sure of it.
Happy Saturday!

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  1. What a little trooper! I am sure he WILL be something AMAZING too! :) He has great parents that will assure that. :)