Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Lied...

I was hoping I would have the energy to do the progress reports, but I don't.  I really think it might take me 3 months to unpack and get this place organized again and that is on top of the million other things I have to do!  So hopefully tomorrow I will post the progress reports, but for now, a cute Wyatt update!  

I can't believe this all fit in my van (plus bikes, a slide and a few other things..)  Even three days later, it still mostly looks like this. Anyone want to come help us unpack?

Today I was downstairs and came up to check on Wyatt and found him coming down the hall on his walker!  We have had him try it a handful of times, but he hadn't ever done it by himself.  Also, if he had a choice, he usually just sat on the floor and scooted on his bum.  

I am so glad my phone is my camera because I pulled it out of my pocket and got this great video!  It was so cute that he had just gotten his walker and started down the hall with it!  I am so proud of him and can't wait to see him get better and better at it.  

Here is the video!

Here is a darling picture of him!  What a big boy!

Isn't he a doll?

As for the other two, I am not sure what to do with them.  They were so hyper and not very obedient today.  They also won't go to bed and it has been hours.  They are whining about being scared and I think they are just overly tired and not adjusted at all to the new house or new time zone.

I think tomorrow is going to be throw away toy day.  They are going nuts because there are so many more toys here and they are leaving them all over the house and won't clean up.  We just have a lot of things to simplify because our life is too crazy to add more chaos!

We are close to signing the lease on our Brain Balance Center and are so excited to get going!  What an amazing thing it will be to continue to watch our children improve and to watch so many other children improve as well.  :)


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