Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update Continued!

Where were we?  Oh yes, more photos and updates! 

On Thursday Bo was getting ready to go to work.  The kids did NOT want him to go.  They never do, but this particular day Brody and Hazel were having a cow.  Brody said he was going to work with Papa and Hazel said she was too.  Bo usually has appointments so I didn't think this was even an option.  To the kids' surprise, (and mine) Papa said that he didn't have appointments and they could come to work with him!  (Of course not the whole day.... I went to pick them up a half hour later).
This would not have even been an option before Brain Balance because the running, yelling and hyper activity was not really suited for a law firm :)

The kids were SO excited and I told them they had to hurry and get ready because Papa was leaving.  The next thing I know, Brody is mostly dressed - but not in regular clothes.  He was wearing a white button up, tie, pants and a vest!  He had gotten his "suit" on to go to work!  He also carried his brief case - i.e. Lego case with him.  Hazel picked out a cute outfit and packed up her toys as well and they were off!  Bo said they did really well and played quietly and didn't run all over the place.  I think there was a bit of fighting (which is why we will send them separately from now on..) but overall they were great!   Check out how cute they all are! 

My little workers!

Notice Brody's hair above- it was getting very long.  We decided it was time for a cut.  I took him in on Friday and he was WAY better than he used to be.  He still moved away when she tried to cut around his ears, but his sensory problems that cause issues when he is getting a haircut are quickly disappearing.

After the haircut he asked if she could wash his hair.  The have never done that and I don't know why he asked, but she agreed and took him over to the sink.  Before she even started he said "it is like a shower for your head!"  He loved it :)

Loving his head shower!

He is not smiling in this pic, but still looks so handsome with his new haircut! (He had food in his mouth when I took it so that is why he is not smiling!)
Our earlier adventures on Friday included our friend Sydney having an allergic reaction to our muffins!  She didn't even eat one, but was handing pieces to Wyatt and ended up itching all over her body.  We are SO glad she didn't eat one because she is terribly allergic to walnuts and pecans.  Yes, the EXACT nuts we use to make the flour to make the muffins!  Poor Sydney!  She took some benadryl and felt fine pretty soon after. :)

In addition, Wyatt decided to do a little decorating around the house...... 

We have had a painter here doing a few things and he had ran an errand and left a small bucket of black paint with a paintbrush in it.  When he left the kids weren't here, but when they got home, it only took Wyatt about 10 seconds to find the paint!  I actually didn't notice at first, but I went in the family room to look at the samples the painter had done on the wall.  I immediately noticed this:

My first thought was "I wonder why the painter would paint a giant A on the wall?
 Then I stopped and thought - "oh no... Wyatt!"  I turned around and a friend pointed out the lovely question mark (or number 2?) that Wyatt had so nicely painted on the back of my tapestry sofa!

 Then,  I saw Wyatt across the room, paintbrush in hand, paint on his hands and arms.  As I went to grab the brush before any more damage was done I saw my tapestry ottoman....
This photo is actually upside down and I was too tired to fix it.  However, as you can see, this appears to be the starting of one of Wyatt's famous and infamous houses....

We got out of the house for a bit to get away from the chaos and caught Hazel and one of her many boyfriends (Sorry Branson, Braden & Max, you are not her one and only....) holding hands.  I thought this picture was darling. :)
That is all I have for tonight and I am very excited to go to bed!  I have been SO exhausted since I moved home.  I used to stay up way later, but I was NEVER this tired.  I am thinking the time change of 3 hours plus the fact that I am up with the kids 3-4 times per night is causing this problem?  I still think the kids are having a hard time too because they don't want to sleep in their own rooms or beds still and they are quite delirious come bedtime.  Tonight Wyatt fell asleep in the hallway in front of my bedroom, Brody fell asleep on the couch, and Hazel cried herself to sleep on my kitchen floor.  She was hungry and wanted watermelon so I got it for her and sat it by her on the floor but she wanted to eat it in her room.  I told her she had to eat it in the kitchen and she wasn't happy with me.  It only took about 1 minute of screaming and she was out. 

As for me, I am going to go to sleep in my very own bed :)

P.S.  For those of you that are worried, so far we have gotten most of the paint out of the furniture :)

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  1. I've NEVER seen Brody look so directly into a camera before! I love that picture of him! I can't wait to come and "meet" my nephews again! I hope that Wyatt knows me - I have wished for that for so long!