Friday, July 8, 2011

This is a lot harder than I thought....

Life at home is great, but a lot more work and a lot more complicated.  I was so busy and barely slept while living away and those things have even increased since moving home.  It is so great to be together as a family again, but EVERYTHING has changed.  The kids are not in any kind of routine.  I am not in any kind of routine.  They do not want to go to bed at night at all.  Last night Brody slept in a sleeping bag in the hallway....

And every night they cry when they go to their rooms and say they are scared.  Two nights ago that went on for almost 2 hours before I could get them to go to bed.  Even Wyatt cried when we put him in bed and he wanted me to "sit down" on his bed by him.  The only thing I can figure is that they are used to sleeping in a small apartment on the same floor and now they are sleeping upstairs far away from me? Also, Brody and Hazel shared a room and now they are in their own rooms?  I am not sure what the cause, but the kids are all out of whack when it comes to just about everything.

I am hoping that by the end of the day we can at least be unpacked and so we are not in a state of chaos.  Then, next week I am hoping to get on a schedule so that we can be more organized.  We are not accomplishing what we need to for Brain Balance or anything else for that matter and that can't happen!

This is a great interview that Dr. Melillo just did on Fox News about a new study showing that Autism (and other disorders on the spectrum) are caused more by environmental factors, than genes.  This is nothing new to me or a lot of us, but having a study confirm it is great!  The other great news is that if it is environmental, that means we can reverse it and prevent it!

Off to work myself to death if I can stay awake long enough! 


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