Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We are Home!!

I have decided that there is nothing in my life that will ever be "normal", "typical" or even run smoothly.  That is just not how my life was meant to be.  I guess it never really has been and I have always known that, it just becomes more apparent each day.  I am sure most of you have noticed that and friends and family seem to always have something to say.  I have heard the following comments: "If my life was anything like yours, I would be living in a white padded room",  or just the basic "you are crazy".  When asking my Dad the best way to do something he said "That is what normal people would do, but you guys aren't normal."  He is so funny and so right!

Luckily, although things don't run smoothly and are not "normal", they always seem to work out. :)

We were finally flying home last night and I just wanted everything to be quick and easy so we could get home and start our crazy life again.  I really should have known it wouldn't be quick and easy....

We headed off to the airport with Bo's sister and 2 of her kids (8 of us packed into a 7 passenger car).  Then we stopped to tour another Brain Balance Center!  I was able to see a total of 4 on our trip and Bo got to see 2!  It was so great to see the layout and ideas from other owners and we appreciate SO much the time they took to show us around.

We got to the airport a few minutes later than what we had hoped, but we were doing fine.  We had A LOT of luggage to tote around, but I didn't want to check any since we had spent so much money checking bags to move in the first place.  We each had 2 carry on items plus we had Wyatt in his stroller.  Since Wyatt and Hazel don't carry anything, Bo took most the load and I pushed the stroller with one hand while pulling a suitcase and wearing a backpack..  This was way fun and totally not hard on either of us at all :)  We got to security and put all our items on the belt.  Of course when I went through I beeped because of my earrings.  Then, they had to inspect 3 of our bags!  They confiscated a bunch of my hair products even though there were less than three oz in them.  Then they opened my food bag and swiped every last item in there and they checked another suitcase too!  Then they had to send all three things back through the machine.

We got on the plane and because we didn't book at the same time, we weren't seated together.  Thankfully we switched around and Bo and Brody sat behind the rest of us.  Then... it started raining.  It wasn't too bad, but apparently the airport where we were heading for our first stop was closed down due to the weather.  So we sat, and we sat and then we went to the runway, and then we went back to the gate, and then we went back to the runway and back to the gate.  Finally after over 2 hours we finally took off!  Luckily Hazel fell asleep within 5 minutes of boarding the plane because she was so whiny.  I was SO worried because if we missed our connection, we were in trouble!  I was NOT excited about finding a hotel or sleeping in the airport.  I just wanted to get home! 

I had turned my phone back on since we weren't taking off and had a voice mail saying our next flight was delayed 2 hours - perfect!  We got of one plane just in time to board another and that one still took off almost an hour later than expected.  Wyatt was so hyper and crazy and I don't know why?  But besides that the kids were really great.  Me and the kids all slept on the plane home (4 hours) while Bo watched a movie.  I guess he can't sleep on planes?

We finally landed at our destination and then had to collect our 11 bags and our booster seats, load them on a cart and get out to the car.  By this time it was 12:30 as opposed to the 9:30 it was supposed be.  We were all exhausted and because of the time change, it was actually 3:30 am to most of us.. 

Brody and his Papa.  He is getting so big and helpful! 

The kids and the luggage.  A lot less than last time thanks to Paige and Drayton driving it all home! 

We got home and Brody and Hazel were asleep but Wyatt was wide awake. 
Aren't they darling???

When we brought Wyatt in he immediately said "computer, game, animal puzzle".  So - he basically remembered everything he used to do here that he was not allowed to do the last 4 months and tried to get us to let him do it the second he walked in the door.  So smart.  When Brody and Hazel woke up they were all over the house.  The three of them were playing with their toys, reading books, etc.  We could not get them to go to bed!  Then Hazel and Brody were scared and ended up wanting to sleep together.  I thought it was so darling since they have slept together for the last 4 months and they just felt comfortable that way. :)

Wyatt and his book party.

I think everyone was finally asleep by about 3:30 and were up by 6:30...

Now we start the crazy task of unpacking and reorganizing our entire life!  This could take months!  Unfortunately, we don't have months.  We have more things going on in the next few months than even we have had before. 

I am counting this blog as yesterdays and will post again tonight.  Wait - I think Paige will post tonight!  You all miss her right? I am going to have her post on the adventures of driving across the country :) Then, I think tomorrow I will have enough in me to do the 12 week progress reports! 

See you soon!

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