Friday, July 1, 2011

Double Time

We were supposed to leave at 8:00 am- we actually left at:

Not that bad considering we weren't just going on a trip-we were leaving for good...

If it wasn't for some awesome friends coming to pick things up and doing some cleaning, etc we would still be there!

We started out on what was supposed to be a 7 1/2 hour drive.... We got off to a great start and then ended up in horrible traffic due to road construction. Then there were the potty breaks- at least 15 of them- if not more. Hazel said her belly hurt and we would go potty and no more than 5 minutes later we were off the exit again.... We also stopped to tour 2 Brain Balance Centers which was awesome! Then, more road construction- barely moving. After that came the mass exhaustion and fight to keep each other awake. We finally arrived at our destination at:

We were officially on the road for 15 hours- double the time we should have been.

The kids are all asleep now and are so excited to play with their cousins tomorrow! I am hoping to get at least 4 hours of sleep.

Miss Paige is so excited to get back in that car tomorrow and make the same drive again tomorrow :) Luckily, all of the road construction was northbound plus they will have no kids so it will be a breeze! ;)

Then these two amazing people:

Will be loading all of this: (plus 2 bikes, 2 scooters and a tricycle)

Into this:

Okay- this one is cleaner than mine but is the same color and model :)

Then they are going to drive 36 hours across the country- aren't they the greatest?! And you can bet we will have some pictures of the loaded van complete with luggage strapped to the top.

Time for bed! Can't wait for the boys to arrive tomorrow and for fun times with family. We almost never see these cousins and are so grateful to have the opportunity to come and visit them and spend time with them. It is totally worth the drive.


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