Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Last Three Days

I can't believe it has been three days since I posted!  I haven't missed a day since March 14th!  I had made a goal not to miss any and I am still keeping that goal, but sometimes other things take priority...

Let me update you on what has been going on around here...

  • We have been working hard on Brain Balance with the boys - trying hard to get in everything we can. 
  • Wyatt has less than 2 weeks left with his cast!! (That is assuming that everything is good when they x-ray it.)  He has been walking all over on it and moving pretty fast. Everyone in the house says "Wyatt!  Sit down!" and sometimes he does, and sometimes he doesn't...
  • Brody has definitely changed for the good. I was worried because of the old behaviors that had creeped up on us, but they have mostly gone away.  I think they are all overly stimulated with their house, toys, etc. but overall he is doing great.  The other day I ran out at 6:30 am and before I left I just mentioned to Brody that he needed a shower today.  I came home 20 minutes later and he had gone upstairs, showered himself, washed himself, gotten dressed - the works!  I couldn't believe it!  He is really a self starter now and is doing so much better at following directions and following through. 
  • We have been spending a lot of time organizing the house and trying to get it into ship shape before school starts.  We need to go through and get rid of so much stuff!  I have a hard time getting rid of things - it is a problem.  I don't want to get rid of it if I might need it again at a later date, so I hold on to WAY too much.  I am working on that...
  •  All three of them will be attending a Montessori school this fall and I am so excited!  I am so grateful that I looked into these schools (Thanks Amanda!) because they are amazing!  The teaching method makes SO much more sense than the typical teaching method and the best part is - IT HELPS TO STIMULATE THE RIGHT BRAIN!  The last thing I wanted to do was spend so much time, effort and money getting my children in balance and then undo it by spending them to a school for 7 hours a day that stimulated the left brain almost entirely.  When I went for my 2 hour tour of the school last month I had to hold back the tears almost the whole time.  This school is  EXACTLY what our kids needed and will be SO good for them!  None of them have really ever been to school before - they have all been at home so this will be a whole new experience for all of us.  The good thing is, they are SO excited!  In fact, they are going to a two week summer school session at their new school starting Monday and they can't wait!
  • We are SO close to signing our lease on our center.  The space is perfect and I am so excited - just working out the last few details.  Once we sign we can start construction!
  • I have already come in contact with MANY people who are interested in bringing their children to the center.  There is such a need out there for this program and it is SO sad.  It is so heartbreaking to listen to all of these parents that have been struggling and searching for help and answers.  However, it is so rewarding to be able to offer something that CAN AND WILL help their child and change their lives forever. :)
  • While I am sitting here Wyatt just randomly counted all the way to 28.... :)
  • Also, he is trying to play with his trains in the living room which is stepped down 2 steps from the kitchen.  Hazel is down there bugging him and stealing his trains.  He used to scream, cry or try to hit her away, but this time he just keeps saying "climb stairs"  which is his way of telling her to GO AWAY!  :)  I love that he is communicating so much more!
  • Hazel got her hair cut!  Why is this so exciting and why do I need to even tell you about it?  Kids get their hair cut all the time right?  Well not Hazel!  She will be 4 years old in three weeks and has NEVER had a hair cut.  Not a trim - nothing.  It is so long and pretty and I never saw a need, however it is hard to comb and gets tangled easily and it was just time to trim it.  We took off about 3 inches and then cut come shorter layers on the top so it wasn't all so heavy.  The night before we went Hazel asked "Is it going to hurt?"  It was so darling!  The little girl really didn't know what it was like to get her hair cut!  Here are some pictures from our salon adventure.  She was very happy to have special time with mom and said she  "loves haircuts" now. :)
She loved getting her hair washed!

Look how long it is - it is even longer when it is not curled up!

It is a little hard to see and still curling, but you this shows how long her hair was!  It actually goes down to her bum when it is wet...

Cutting layers- can you believe how long?  It is crazy!  I wish my hair was that long!

Drying and diffusing!

Loving her new hair!

The final product!  I just think she looks so beautiful!  She saw the feathers and wanted one and of course it had to be pink! 
  • Wyatt pulled his little "this way" trick again and took us all the way to Paige's mom's house!  It was so cute!  He had been there a few days before and wanted to go back!  He went in and kept saying something we couldn't get at first - he was saying something and then "airplane" so we gave him every airplane toy we could find.  Finally we found the right one and it was "super why airplane!"  We stayed and played for a bit.  We went in the backyard and there was a little motorized 4 wheeler.  Paige put him on and he started driving all over the backyard.  It was SO cute.  It reminded me of the elderly folk that drive around in their motorized scooter things :)  
He doesn't look very happy but he was!
  •  Brody is so funny.  He does and says the funniest things!  The other day I asked him if he had his one sock on.  He said no.  I told him I was going to glue it to his foot.  He said "so it will be on there forever?" And I said - "yes, forever!" (being dramatic of course) and he said "But then I would get too much right brain input!".  He is so smart :)
  • A friend of his was eating a cracker the other day and Brody told him it was going to hurt his brain...  We had a talk about not telling other people things like that our family has a different situation than others... :)
  • Someone was coming over to the house and I told Brody when she got here that he could go talk to her until I was ready.  He said "sure".  I told her he could talk to her about Brain Balance and he said "Ya - I know a lot more about it than you".  What a stinker!

Photos won't download and I have more to tell so this post will be continued tomorrow!


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