Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brain Balance Graduation!

I totally forgot to post about Brain Balance Graduation!  Both boys still need more sessions, but since they had finished one 12 week session, they got to graduate!  It is nothing fancy, but the kids LOVED it!  All of the staff claps for them as they walk (or in Wyatt's case, scoot!) down the hallway to the end where they receive their framed certificate with their stars around it. They get their picture taken with their certificate and with Amanda who is the Center Director. 

The boys were so  happy and especially Brody is so proud of his stars and certificate.  We are going to hang them in their rooms!

Here are Brody's graduation pictures and video!

Brody admiring his stars!

Brody and Amanda

Wyatt's turn!  His video is SO cute because he hadn't had his cast for 2 days and I had assumed I would have to carry him down the hallway.  But instead he just started scooting down by himself right after Brody was done.  As you can see in the video, he absolutely LOVED everyone clapping for him and he got SO excited. 

Wyatt scooting down the hall for graduation!

Wyatt and Amanda

Off to work!

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