Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brain Balance Training is Awesome!

After today we will have completed one week of training and there will be one more to go!  I would love to update you on every detail but we are off to observe some children in the program today! 

I have had the most amazing experience here and I LOVE learning as much as I can about this program and how to help the children and families that are suffering so much from these disorders. 

The other owners and employees that are attending the training as well as the trainers and corporate staff are amazing.  Wow - I have never been in a room with so many amazing people at the same time.  These people all truly care about these children as if they were their own children (as do I).  This is not about the money for any of us - really.  It is about the children.  In fact - the Brain Balance motto describes exactly why we are all here.  I know I have posted it before, but it is so powerful and brings me to tears almost every time and I believe it to be so true:

We believe that within every child resides......

The Body of an Olympic Athlete,
The Brain of a Scientist,
The Mind of a Poet,
The Hands of an Artist,
The Ear of a Composer,
The Heart of a Saint...

Never stop believing that your child has Unlimited Potential!

I hope to update more this weekend!  (That is if I get over the horrible sickness that I have come down with the last 2 days...)

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