Monday, August 8, 2011

When moms away the kids will play:)

Hey everyone its me! Paige:) I am just going to update you on what we did today (the first day with Tammy being gone).  Well first off we all miss ya Tam! Especially the children they asked multiple times if mom would be back tomorrow.......  its not quite tomorrow but soon:) Anyways the boys are still doing great we are still going strong on the BB here at home as much as we can to keep the boys on track. They are awesome and doing fantastic!

Today we decided to have a little party;) Okay it wasn't planned Tam we didn't really wait till the day you left:) We went with a couple friends and took the kids swimming and they played around in the backyard and did the slip n slide.  They had a blast and we couldn't get Wy to leave the little pool. It has been months since he has been able to swim, he loved it! I am sure he will be directing us back there every chance he gets. The kids did awesome and Wy didn't try and run off at all! Hazel got out of the pool and was freezing....... really in 100 degree weather she is freezing! Well all the kids had a good time.

We got back and I started organizing and finishing up BB. Wyatt had a rough time the second time through he was acting like he was sick and so it was hard he didn't want to do much. I finally got him to do it and we came upstairs and he fell asleep on the couch! What that is not Wy he does not fall asleep ever! So I am afraid he might be feeling sick:( It always happens when Tam leaves....always.
Cute thing that happened- I went to wake up Wy so that he would sleep tonight. I started rubbing his tummy and he woke up looked right at me and said stop then rolled over! Little Wy is so cute and its cute that he can tell me those things now. Hopefully he feels better soon.

Mimi came in and decided that she was taking Brody and Hazel to get their presents from Wal Mart....... I was a little hesitant about that idea but they went and they all came back alive so I am assuming it went well!

We had a pretty good day and got lots accomplished and the kids got to go play... they loved it so I guess today wasn't so bad! (Tam that doesn't mean extend your stay so you can play longer!) Fine she isn't playing its all business:)

Here are some pictures of the adventure today. Enjoy!


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